“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a
plan in which we must fervently believe,and upon which
we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”
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Welcome to the World of Financial Planning!

What is the most important challange for any individual other than being fit and healthy? It is managing the Financial  Wealth.

People spend on an average of 60-70% of their time earning their living. This includes all activities directly or indirectly related to income generation. The remaining time is spent on spending this hard-earned money, some of it or all of it!

Most of the people have the skills to earn money but when it comes to managing the money they find it challenging. No school or college education teaches us anything about managing our own money.

Managing one`s personal money, therefore, remains a neglected topic.

Some of the fundamental reasons why we keep neglecting this could be –

  • We do not have knowledge about financial products
  • We do not know where to get a trustworthy advice
  • Money involves emotions and emotional issues are best avoided
  • We fail to recognize the impact of mismanaged finances on our lives
  • We do not want to talk about money with others
  • We lack time to devote on this issue
  • We simply procrastinate

The reason(s) can be one or many but they do exists.

While most people do worry about the state of their finances they fail to take any actions to understand more about managing their money efficiently. This is very common among most of the individuals. It does not matter whether you have abundant money or whether you have limited resources, managing money is still an important task either way.

Financial Planning is the only scientific and logical method to efficiently take care of your hard-earned money and is the only way to generate wealth.


There are many questions that cross our mind regarding our financial state but we fail to recognize them and thus fail to take any action in this respect.

Just take a minute to think about these questions!

Financial Planning can help you get some honest answers to not only these questions but many more. It can provide you a road map on how to navigate your financial journey and achieve your financial goals including retirement in a secured manner. It will help you take charge of your financial life and be free of worries and anxiety. Read more on Financial Planning here

Check us out for who we are and what we do?

My name is Arun K Mathur and am founder of Dhantripti Financial Planners. I am a Certified Financial PlannerCM.  and a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor.

I have worked in the corporate sector for over two decades. I guide, coach, and handhold my clients in their financial journey. I am deeply passionate about sharing my knowledge of personal finance for the benefit of one and all. I help create a Financial Plan for my clients by providing unbiased, honest, and trustworthy advice.

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Dhantripti Financial Planners is a boutique Financial Management & Investment Advisory Firm in the field of Personal Finance. This is where you get to learn nuances of managing your own monry. The clients are taken through a power process of Financial Planning with the sole objective of making a positive difference in their financial lives. As the name “Dhantripti” suggests our motto is “dhan-ki-tripti” meaning “fulfillment of wealth”.


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I have a Unique Proposition for my clients. My focus area of work is Financial Planning, Financial Management and Investment Advisory. Being a SEBI RIA my business revenue solely consists of Advisory Fees coming directly from clients and there are no product based commissions from any source. I provide a conflict free and enriching experience to my clients keeping “Client First” philosophy in the forefront of my services.

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Many questions must have popped up in your mind regarding financial planning as a process and about my services as you went through the above paragraphs. I have tried to answer some of them.

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To know more connect with us for an “Online Introductory Session on Financial Planning” to understand more. It is a free, no-obligation session – it may be your first step in this transforming journey.

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