“Knowledge is having the right answers. Intelligence is asking the right question”

The primary objective of Financial Planning is achieving future Financial Goals in a secured and time bound manner. Managing expenses and liabilities effectively is the focus area. We choose financial assets for investments in line with risk profile and investment horizon of the client. A conservative approach is adopted for creating a robust plan.

Risk Profiling is done on regular intervals for the client. Both objective questionaire and subjective dicussions are used to arrive at risk taking capacity and willingness to take risk. Investment portfolio is constructed in line with risk profile of the client.

Being a SEBI RIA our earning comprises of Fees charged directly from our clients. We do not receive any commissions or incentives for products recommended by us from any third party. Recommending products is incidental to the process of giving advice.

Fee only Model ensures transparecny and client is fully aware of renumeration structure of advisor. This avoids conflict of interest which may potentially arise in commission based struture as interest of third party (product manufacturer) also comes into play.

SEBI RIA 2013 regulations (amended in 2020) have made in all investment advisors to register with SEBI and obtain certification. SEBI gives this certificaiton after a stringent due dillligence process. The regulation ensures RIA are competent (have to pass NISM Exams), Experience (min. 5 years in financial services) and Educated (PG). Client Interest First is the motto and annual audit by SEBI is conducted for regulatory complainces. In dealing with SEBI RIA client is reasonablly assured of unbiased, truthful and honest advice.

I have done management studies (PGDBM) from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta- a leading business school of the country. I am a Certified Financial PlannerCM – certification administered by FPSB USA to those individuals who have relevant education and experience in the field of financial planning. have successfully appeared for various NISM conducted exams and acquired certification on Mutual Funds (AMFI sponsored) and Insurance (IRDA sponsored). Financial Planning is my passion and I have been reading and accumulating knowledge on this topic for decades. I

On an average we spend close to minimum 25 hours with you. Out of these approximately half the time is spent as client facing time where we are in direct conversation with you. The balance half is spent by us on analysis, synthesis, and development of the financial plan. Apart from this you can engage us (with prior appointment) to discuss any financial matter. Such calls can be many depending on your need.

We lay lot of emphasis on educating you as we want you to be independent in taking your financial decisions in future. We spend time in explaining the Dos and Don’ts of financial decision making and introduce you to best financial practices. Every recommendation we make to you is explained in detailed. While we recommend, the final decision rests with you. You are free to discuss your doubts and queries and we try our best to answer them.

All our meetings with clients happen through phone calls – both audio and video. We share documents and presentations online. We use ZOOM, Google Hangoutor Skype options. Face to Face meetings are rare and are not mandatory. For local clients and on their requests, meetings can happen in our home-office at Noida.

For convenience, all calls take place at pre-appointed time decided mutually between you and us. The request for meeting shall be made on WhatsApp/SMS (from either side) and mutually convenient time shall be discussed and decided. Best efforts shall be made by us to schedule meeting as soon as possible whenever such a request is made by you.

No one can predict the future scenario and thus every financial plan is based on certain assumptions. Assumptions are two types – one specific to your circumstances and other related to macro-economic environment in the country. The assumptions are discussed in detail with you for your understanding and agreement.

You are most welcome to see a sample financial plan. It will be shared with you during our introductory session. This session will be conducted with you online (free of cost basis) once you express your interest by contacting us.

Yes, during financial planning process, we review your investment and insurance portfolio. These will be modified only to extent required and in line with our broader recommendation

We do not recommend investing directly in stocks because of the simple reason that we believe that you may not be equipped with right knowledge to deal in stocks. We do not believe in giving stock tips for quick gains. We recommend all market linked investments in mutual funds-both equity and debt. This helps in managing risk.

This could be because you have just started working and are in process of building your investment portfolio. Other reason could be even after working for many years you have not been able to save much. In either case financial planning is helpful to you. In former case it will impart knowledge and skills to take right investment decisions leading to long term wealth generation. In latter case it will make you aware of reason why you could not build assets and what corrective action will lead to wealth maximization.

It is completely optional. You can renew if you have the need to remain associated with us. Need could be in terms of support required by you to implement the plan or it could be to keep discussing and consulting us for financial matters. Our objective is to make you a Do-it-yourself individual.  We find some of you learn quickly and become knowledgeable enough to handle you finances independently and some of you may require more years of handholding. It entirely depends on you.

Fees is for advice rendered to a client. We do not take any commission from any source. We charge fixed fees for for the entire period of engagemnt. We disclose our fixed fees upfront during introductory call where we also explain our services in detail.