“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”-

Dhantripti Financial Planners is a boutiqe Financial Management and Investment Advisory Firm. We work with our clients with the sole objective of making a positive difference in their financial lives. As our name suggests our motto is “Dhan-ki-tripti” meaning “fulfilling wealth” for our clients. We focus on financial wellbeing of our clients by streamlining their investments in line with their financial goals and their risk profile.

Vision and Mission of Dhantripti


To contribute to the growth of unbiased, honest and trustworthy financial advice by providing to a large number of Indian families much-needed care and guidance in financial matters and thus help them achieve their financial aspiration and a state of well-being  


We at Dhantripti work hard to be the best Financial Planner by keeping the interest of Client First in our advice. We give our clients unique and fulfilling experience by guiding and educating them on best financial practices & by handholding them in their journey to financial freedom   


We ensure Honesty, Integrity, & Professionalism in our approach and being fair to our clients is supreme. Our working philosophy helps us in abiding our values,  fulfilling our Mission each day, and brings us closer to our Vision.

Working Philosophy

Client First

  • We keep the interest of clients first.
  • Fee-Only business model ensures our loyalty towards our client.
  • We do not sell or distribute any financial product to clients.
  • We thus do not earn any commission directly or indirectly from any source for suggesting financial products
  • The client is ensured of unbiased, honest and trustworthy advice.
  • The clients can buy financial products (post recommendation) from any source they are comfortable with including online.

Education & Mentoring

  • We focus on educating the client on the best financial practices.
  • We do this through series of dedicated learning sessions with the clients.
  • We want our clients to acquire skills and understanding to take future financial decisions independently.
  • We spend time in explaining the Dos and Don’ts of financial decision making.
  • Every recommendation we make is explained in detail.
  • We try our best to clarify doubts and queries which helps them implement the plan.

Engagement Breadth & Depth

  • Our engagement is for initial period of 6 months where we work with clients to prepare a robust financial plan.
  • Subsequently clients can engage us on annual basis to handlold them as they navigate in the financial world.
  • We adapt our interaction to a level where clients are comfortable to understand our recommendations
  • We do not have any cap on hours spent with each client. On an average, we do spend approximately 25 hours with each client. This includes both client-facing as well as back-office time.

Financial Plan Implementation

  • Implementing the financial plan is as important as preparing the plan.
  • We support clients in this aspect. We guide them on buying suitable financial products in the most convenient and cost-effective ways.
  • We interact with the clients on regular basis to help them overcome challenges in financial decision making.
  • We do formal review sessions with clients to track their financial wellbeing.
  • We enclourage regular Tracking and Course Correction if required for clients as they make progress in this financial jouney.

Behavioural Biases

  • Personal Finance is more Personal rather than Finance.
  • The biggest roadblock to generating wealth is our behavious and baises we carry when it comes to taking financial decisions.
  • Our attitude toward money is psychological in nature.
  • We make clients aware of these behavioral biases and help them understand their past financial decisions in this context.
  • We educate then on various concepts like asset allocation, risk diversification, risk-reward equation etc. This helps in overcoming biases.

Practical &Conservative

  • The biggest objective of our services in bring about changes in financial life of clients.
  • Financial Planning and Investment Advice helps them reach financial goals in a safe and secure manner.
  • It helps in ensuring anxiety-free financial life and gives on current financial situation.
  • We follow the principle of conservatism. In case of uncertain cash flows, cash inflows will be taken on the lower side, and cash outflows on the higher side.
  • This makes the financial plan as objective and practical. We also do a sensitivity analysis by varying assumptions to ensure the robustness of the plan.