“Financial Plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choice we make today will affect our future

What is Financial Planning

The process of creating a Financial Plan with the help of a Financial Planner is called Financial Planning

Investopedia says –

“A financial plan is a comprehensive statement of an individual’s long-term objectives for security and well-being.

It includes detailed savings and investing strategy for achieving those objectives”

Financial Plan is a customized document. It reflects the individual’s personal circumstances, his risk-taking capability, and his future expectations

Tax Planning
It is about saving on taxes and increasing our net take-home
Learn strategies to maximize rebates and minimize tax outgo

Insurance Planning
Ascertaining risk in life and risk coverage requirement
Learn risk management techniques

Investment Planning
Goal-based investing
Learn the S-L-R concept in investing

Retirement Planning
Calculating Retirement Corpus Learn long term investing option

Estate Planning
Efficiently pass on assets to legal heirs Learn efficient ways to secure family

Cash Flow Planning
Income and expense Projection Lear impact of inflation and compounding

6 Step Process of Financial Planning

My Approach

Step 1 – Introductory Session:

  • We invite you to a 60 minutes online audio-video session.
  • An introductory presentation on Financial Planning – process and benefits.
  • Share the scope of our services, deliverables, and the fees applicable for this service.
  • Address queries, doubts, and concerns if any for better understanding of the services
  • The call is free and for information on my services only
  • Post the session prospect can decide to sign up for the services if willing to do

Step 2 – Sign Up & Data Collect

  • Communicate your acceptance of our service verbally
  • We share detailed terms of the contract via email.
  • The contract is written confirmation of the scope of services and prices.
  • You accept the contract by sending us the first installment of fees.
  • As a next step, we share the Data Sheet for collecting your financial data.
  • We guide you on how to fill in the data accurately and completely

Step 3 – Gaps & Accuracy

  • Data Sheet once filled is shared with us for our analysis and discussion
  • We analyze the data provided by you for gaps if any and for accuracy level.
  • In case of any gaps, we request additional information from the client
  • Data robustness is ensured through repeated interactions at this stage
  • Once data is found satisfactory, we move to the next stage of discussions

Step 4 – Financial Goals & Aspirations

  • Financial Goals are next discussed
  • We facilitate defining goals which are SMART- Stretchable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound
  • Future aspirations having a financial impact are also ascertained and discussed
  • Any special goals linked to extended family
  • Once goals are appropriately defined we move to the next stage

Step 5 – Preparing the first draft of Plan

  • We work in creating the first draft for the financial plan
  • This is an iterative and interactive process requiring some hours of brainstorming
  • The first draft is then shared with the client for his buy-in
  • All recommendations are explained in detail and his views incorporated.
  • The plan is reworked if required after discussion and for mutual satisfaction

Step 6 – Firm Up & Delivery

  • The plan is now finalized in the form of a Pdf document.
  • The plan is delivered to the client and subsequently discussed.
  • A go through for better understanding of the plan is done
  • Queries if any are clarified.
  • The client also gets Financial Templates for self-monitoring his financial health

Step 7- Implementation & Monitoring

  • We support the client in implementing the action points
  • Provide guidance on the selection of products and channels to buy them from
  • We do 3 quarterly reviews for monitoring the progress of implementation.
  • Learning sessions and regular interaction is encouraged to enhance knowledge

We deliver our service online in digital mode.  We interact with clients through audio-video calls. We use technology platforms like ZOOM, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams, etc. as per the convenience of the client. The exchange of documents is done through Emails.

Face to Face meeting is rare and not mandatory. We can meet local clients if a need is felt for the same. Such a meeting can happen in our home-office in Noida.

For convenience, online calls/meetings are done at the pre-appointed time decided mutually. The request for a meeting is made on WhatsApp/SMS (from either side) and a mutually convenient time is decided. Best efforts would be made from both sides to schedule the meeting as soon as possible.